Another Broken Avenue

Another Broken Avenue

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Sam: Plus, Luke likes… looking at himself.
Scott: Yeah isn’t that funny? Like, Luke likes looking at himself, and yet he’s got this twin brother who looks just like him, so he can look… like he’s… looking at himself. It’s so twisted.
Sam: Yeah, no. It’s interesting, I’ve– and this is one of the really wonderful things that Kevin Williamson has allowed me to do with having these identical twins that them being so incredibly different from each other is that Luke loves to kind of… fix Mark, every now and then. Like, kind of like even just subtle things like just moving his hair a bit or fixing his collar, and it’s really fascinating. Really fascinating.

                                         ~ The Following Official Podcast, Family Affair (2x04)

Filed under I love that such a little thing was so significant to the ego of the character Luke likes himself a little too much He sees his identical brother who is less into his appearance and his ego takes over to fix Mark Because if they're going to be identical then Mark needs to appear just as put together as him but in his own way Clearly Luke would never take away the comfort of Mark's layers due to his phobia The Following Luke Gray Mark Gray Sam Underwood